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The Woman of the Year (WOY) Award is given each year by WIN (formerly BPW) to honor a woman who should be recognized for her inspiration and achievements of women making a local impact. This woman would have notable experiences to be listed in the description that determine she makes a difference.

Nomination Process

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Step 1

Complete the form below.

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Step 2

Programs committee will review all nominations and select the winner. Betty announces to the board for approval via e-mail.

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Step 3

Share the good news with the Woman of the Year and confirm Date of Banquet.

2023 Woman of the Year

Alana Ziehl

Alana Woman Of The Year

Past Recipients

1982 Colleen Thompson
1983 Betty Shepperd
1984 Verna Kelly
1985 June Benson
1986 Shirley Bosch
1987 Jeanette Carlson
1988 Jo Debruycker
1989 Linda McCormick
1990 Smitty Luschen
1991 Betty Croonquist
1992 Jeanne Kling
1993 Carole Vennerstrom
1994 Lori Park-Smith

1995 Audrey Falk
1996 Kathy Leedom
1997 Linda Hillenbrand
1998 Julie Asmus
1999 Mary Lindstrom
2000 Ranae Rahn
2001 Patti Dols
2002 Carol Laumer
2003 Laura Warne
2004 Bobbie Mattison
2005 Raeanna Gislason
2006 Peggy Sietsema
2007 Kathy Schwantes

2008 Idalia "Charly" Leuze
2009 Bev Werder
2010 Connie Schmoll
2011 Kristine Fladeboe Duininck
2012 Beverly Dougherty
2013 Willmar 8
2014 Judge Jenna Fisher
2015 Jane Vikse
2017 Joy Baker
2018 Jeanne Ashburn
2019 Audrey Nelsen
2021 Dawn Clouse
2022 Kasey Baker                                                        2023 Alana Ziehl


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