Welcome New WIN Member Jayme Sczublewski!

Welcome Jayme Sczublewski (SHA-BLUE-SKI) to WIN! Jayme has lived in the Willmar Lakes Area for nearly 10 years. She originally moved to Willmar for a marketing gig and has done the gamut of creative work (photography, videography, content creation, social media/brand strategy, etc.) at an agency and on her own as a freelancer. About 6 months ago, she jumped into the world of real estate and now does both marketing manager AND agent duties at New London Real Estate.

Jayme currently lives in Montevideo with her boyfriend Nick, his two sweet kiddos, Cora + Cooper and their slightly crazy yet lovable rescue pup, Luna. Because Jayme still very much cares about and works in the Willmar area, she is always looking for ways to get better connected with great organizations and people that share her values. Her hobbies include anything on or by the water, working out, reading, playing tennis or golf, cooking healthy-ish meals and as of late, tackling outdoor landscaping + home DIY projects.

Jayme Win
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