May WIN Mentor Group Event

Exploring Cultural Delights with Our Mentorship Program!

As part of our commitment to providing enriching experiences for the girls in our mentorship program, we recently visited some amazing restaurants on Litchfield Avenue in Willmar. These culinary adventures allowed us to immerse ourselves in different cultures and savor delicious cuisines from around the world. Here are the highlights:

Pen House Boba: Experienced a variety of fruity and milky teas from Taiwan that was perfectly complemented by chewy tapioca pearls. Owned by the talented and inspiring young woman, Pen, the atmosphere was fun and inviting. 

Somali Star: Embarked on a culinary journey through East Africa indulging in a family-style feast, savoring dishes like rice, pasta, Chicken Kay Kay, Beef steak, salad, and the mouthwatering Somali delicacy, Samosa. The owner and staff welcomed us with open arms, creating a warm and friendly atmosphere that made our dining experience even more enjoyable. 

Panderia Estrella Bakery: Indulging our sweet tooth, we visited Panderia Estrella Bakery, a haven of Mexican desserts. From delightful pastries to tempting breads, this bakery had it all. We were delighted by the wide variety of treats available!

Thank you to Theresa for organizing this cultural event! We are also grateful for the opportunity to support these local establishments and provide the girls in our mentor program with memorable cultural experiences.

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